when do boer goats go into heat

Having a 2 doe herd and no buck around for them to smell, some does are harder to see when they come into heat. A young doeling will begin to come into heat at about 4 months old. So the kids can get up and going, and be about three weeks old, before the cold weather hits again. Some breeds, like Nigerians, Boers, Spanish & Fainting, Pygmies and (sometimes) Nubians can breed year round. While reference to short-eared goats can be found in literature dating back to ancient Persia, and earless goats from La Mancha Spain had shown in the Paris World's Fair in 1904, no distinct breed of short-eared goats had been developed before Mrs. Eula Fay Frey took an interest in the breed in 1937.  How many goats can I comfortably kid out at one time? If you aren’t sure when breeding season for dairy goats is, then be sure to read my post When Do Dairy Goats Breed? The normal gestation time for goats is 145 to 155 days. Most breeds of goats go into rut during Autumn. The Boer breed is especially prone to layering fat, so you need to watch processed feed input carefully. Labor and Kidding Out a Goat. We try to pull up about half the bottle 1.25ml and the other half 1.50ml. In goats, the estrous cycle occurs every 18 to 24 days, or 21 days on average. Some breeds, like Nigerians, Boers, Spanish & Fainting, Pygmies and (sometimes) Nubians can breed year round. This breeding season may last 18 to 21 days. Some does do not say a word when they are in heat, and the only way to catch them is to put them in with the buck and let him figure it out on his own. Does that are in heat may exhibit signs of mucous discharge from the vulva, swollen vulva, bleating, frequent tail wagging, pacing down the fence line and standing in heat. That is why it is a good idea to leave your does in with a buck, if you are pasture breeding, for over 40 days (long enough for at least two heat cycles). Most other dairy breeds are seasonal breeders, which means they will only go into heat every 21 days in the Fall from about August to January. The period from one heat cycle to the next is referred to as the estrous cycle. toth boer goats , Oct 22, 2020 toth boer goats , Oct 22, 2020 The goat gestation period is 5 months (roughly 150 days – give or take a few). This is a normal, and relatively common occurrence, especially at the beginning of the breeding season. Some stand there and scream. This gives me nearly exact breeding dates on most of my does and keeps them on my schedule. They will stand by the fence nearest to the buck, wag their tails, stare at him, and cry. A transitional period occurs at the beginning and end of the breeding season during which short heat cycles without ovulation have been documented. One of the most frequently asked questions is, “When do I breed my does?” First of all, the doe must be big enough to breed. I like to move the buck into a pen right next to the does at the first of the month in which I want them to be bred. I have a doe who does this every single year. She always conceives triplets on the second breeding, but she will then re-breed, just for practice, every month for the rest of the season. Males that you want to be more friendly, sterile companions can be banded easily with. In this method, you put your buck in a sturdy pen next to the does. They’ll only breed when they can smell that the female is in “heat”. Most goats will kid between 149 and 151 days. I’ve actually watched my buck act “rutty” but mistook it for a medical concern. Female goats (called does) go into heat every 21 days and lasts about 1-3 days. Yum. I usually shoot for around 1 year old before breeding on all my goats (large or small breed).

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