transformational leadership in nursing pros and cons

Is transformational leadership the best way forward in the modern business world? Transformational leaders communicate their visions properly to other leaders in their organizations and to all the employees to get everyone on board. This approach stands out from other leadership styles in its ability to quickly assess an organization's current situation and formulate a vision for its improvement and growth. Indeed, by embracing change yourself, you encourage others to want to make those changes, too. For this to happen, close, regular communication must be maintained, as well as constant feedback and team meetings to keep enthusiasm levels high. Transformational leadership has the potential to reverse this trend by making employees feel more engaged and included in the organisation. Credit card payments collected by DeltaQuest Media (Ireland) Ltd, Company No IE548227, Registered address: The Black Church, St. Mary’s Place, Dublin 7, Ireland. Or are the risks too high? Though this type of leadership is powerful, it is not always used morally and for the common good. Experts say that these types of leaders would need support from more detail-oriented and organized people, which means that other executives, assistants or certain team members would be needed to help maintain a transactional focus that can keep the vision of these leaders moving in the right direction. So, if you are planning to implement this form of leadership, it is important to weigh its pros and cons first. Also, it believes that people can rise higher with positive motivation compared with negative motivation. Although there are disadvantages of transformational leadership, it can work with the right commitment. This approach stands out from other leadership styles in its ability to quickly assess an organization’s current situation and formulate a vision for its improvement and growth. One of these theories is transformational leadership, which is considered as a more humane theory, unlike other types such as the militaristic transactional leadership style. Those who employ transformational leadership are able to achieve change by motivating their followers to set aside short-term and individual interests to work together toward a common goal. It allows for quick formulation of a vision. This would help them deal with challenging situations, as all people can see the big picture. It has been noted that that transformational leaders might fall in the trap of depending too much on passion and emotion that they would tend to overlook reality and truth. Here are the pros and cons of this approach: List of Pros of Transformational Leadership 1. While many people see a lot of good in transformational leadership, there are also those who see some drawbacks in it. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Transformational Leadership. It contrasts directly with transactional leadership, which instead focuses on supervision, performance and organisation, utilising discipline and incentives to drive performance. 3. Transformational leadership’s vision aligns with the ability to motivate and inspire. When getting through difficult times, these leaders would depend on their passion to help sell their vision and get employees headed to a common direction. 2. List of the Advantages of Transformational Leadership 1. If high levels of sustained productivity are needed to achieve a particular vision, or there are ambitious deadlines in place, then this can quickly lead to employee burnout. Some examples of transformational leadership include: As mentioned, this particular method has its pros and cons, as outlined below: Honesty and integrity are core values for transformational leaders; they are ethically-driven with a tight focus on values, authenticity and transparency. It might overlook reality and truth. They can also result in a loss of productivity amongst current employees, as well as create a long-lasting cultural impact. Although this approach sounds appealing, it also comes with drawbacks. 1. By employing this management style, you are encouraging employees to remain focused on the task at hand, while always acting in the best interests of the company and its wider communities. Therefore, this type of leadership requires high levels of support from more organised and detail-oriented team members in order to maintain a transactional focus. Let us know your opinions in the comment section below. According to the authors of the FRLM[33], a specific set of leadership components is neces-sary for effective leadership: a large portion of transformational leadership, higher levels of transactional leadership and a minimum of passive leadership.

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