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Males also utilise their sweat glands in a fight for a receptive female during the breeding season, known as “stink battles”. Ring-tailed lemurs are considered diurnal, being active during daylight hours. info)) ("location marker" to draw attention). They have white bellies. [3], Historically, the studies of learning and cognition in non-human primates have focused on simians (monkeys and apes), while strepsirrhine primates, such as the ring-tailed lemur and its allies, have been overlooked and popularly dismissed as unintelligent. Fighting is most common during the breeding season. Gripping fruit in their hands, they holds their heads up so that juice of the fruit runs straight down into their mouth rather than wetting their fur. First, the experimental design of older tests may have favored the natural behavior and ecology of simians over that of strepsirrhines, making the experimental tasks inappropriate for lemurs. The name derives from the Latin term lemures, which refers to specters or ghosts that were exorcised during the Lemuria festival of ancient Rome. [46] Male involvement in infant rearing is limited, although the entire troop, regardless of age or sex, can be seen caring for the young. [48] Females lactate during the wet season, from December through April, when resources are readily available. They do not become completely independent until about six months. [59] However, these interventions are not always seen favorably, since natural population fluctuations are not permitted. If, for example, food and water supplies are scarce, females will feed and drink before males. The staring eyes, haunting sounds, and nocturnal ways of the lemur inspired early observers to think of them as ghosts or forest spirits. Second, individual ring-tailed lemurs accustomed to living in a troop may not respond well to isolation for laboratory testing. [59], Ring-tailed lemur populations can also benefit from drought intervention, due to the availability of watering troughs and introduced fruit trees, as seen at the Berenty Private Reserve in southern Madagascar. Their snout is pointed like a fox, and covered with sensitive whiskers. Ring-tailed lemurs make a variety of sounds, including squeaks, growls, snorts, clicks and howls. [53] In fact, primatologist Alison Jolly noted early in her academic career that some lemur species, such as the ring-tailed lemur, have evolved a social complexity similar to that of cercopithecine monkeys, but not the corresponding intelligence. The species is thought to have evolved its high fecundity due to its harsh environment. Most lemurs are nocturnal. Ring-tailed lemurs are meticulously clean animals. They are well adapted for climbing and are very agile in the tree-tops. There are nearly 200 species of lemur. Females give birth during seasons where resources, such as flowers, are in peak. Although the term "lemur" was first intended for slender lorises, it was soon limited to the endemic Malagasy primates, which have been known as "lemurs" ever since. They can move along the thinnest of branches, even with a youngster clinging to its back. Like many of the islands to the east of the Indian Ocean, Madagascar is also home to it’s own unique members of the animal kingdom – … [59], The ring-tailed lemur resides in several protected areas within its range, each offering varying levels of protection. [50] Therefore, an experiment requiring a lemur to manipulate an object without prior training would favor simians over strepsirrhines. [58], In addition to being listed as endangered in 2014 by the IUCN,[1] the ring-tailed lemur has been listed since 1977 by CITES under Appendix I,[2] which makes trade of wild-caught specimens illegal. After feeding they groom themselves thoroughly, using its comb-like teeth and the long claw on the second toe of its hind foot. [24] In the wild, females rarely live past the age of 16, whereas the life expectancy of males is not known due to their social structure. The troop included a special infant named Sapphire, who was nearly albino, with white fur, bright blue eyes, and the characteristic ringed tail. The maximum lifespan reported in captivity was 27 years. [56] But this is not the limit of the ring-tailed lemur's reasoning skills. [50] A couple of factors stemming from early experiments have played a role in the development of this assumption. Being the most widely recognized endemic primate on the island, it has been selected as the symbol for Madagascar National Parks (formerly known as ANGAP). [3] Charles Catton included the species in his 1788 book Animals Drawn from Nature and Engraved in Aqua-tinta, calling it the "Maucauco" and regarding it as a type of monkey. [61], The first mention of the ring-tailed lemur in Western literature came in 1625 when English traveler and writer Samuel Purchas described them as being comparable in size to a monkey and having a fox-like long tail with black and white rings.

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