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Always frequented the Clemson, SC location as well as the Myrtle Beach, SC location. It came with only pepperoni and onions. Sodium 1,660g. Like this is my favorite pizza place! Signature Mellow dough twisted into pretzels: Choice of garlic butter and parmesan with a side of Mellow red sauce or garlic butter and kosher salt … It was disgusting Half Baked Brownie - surprisingly delicious. However, a few bad experiences have left me with a poor impression of this particular location. Submit corrections. Daily Goals. Like seriously, take some pride in your job and learn the friggin menu, it's a pizza place alright?Anyways. The service was pretty sad. Two stars for the food. I asked this same waiter for hot sauce for the Funky Q. What better way to show support than with some delicious Mellow Mushroom Pretzel Bites? They have unique pizzas and a space to sit and hang out in with your friends! The hostess Amber was very friendly and accommodating. United States ; Florida (FL) Central Florida ; Lake County ; Mount Dora ; Mount Dora Restaurants ; Mellow Mushroom Mount Dora; Search “Get the Pretzel Bites!” Review of Mellow Mushroom Mount Dora. Our food took a while to get to the table. OFF. It's not something to write home about but it's a good place to stop by! 640 / 2,300g left. 15 minutes later mine came back with a pile of sausage dumped in the middle and it was now cold. The menu is labeled with gluten free and vegan options so dietary restrictions shouldn't be an issue here.Service: 0/5, The service fell below most fast food restaurants. Surely he was stuffed to the maximum. 30 uses today. We sat near the bar, so we had  a good view of sporting events on the many overhead televisions. Granted, it was in Lancaster PA but to pay $14 for their smallest size pizza (approx 12 inches I'd guess, 4 slides) is just ridiculous. The pizza is really good I love that it has a pretzel crust but again, sometimes it can be rather undercooked. They did lose our credit card and 15 minutes later found it so we ended up having the bank close the card for safety. no stop at the sink). Ordering wasn't a problem, but delivering what was ordered seemed to be foreign to the staff. Menu may not be up to date. Food came out quickly. SPINACH ARTICHOKE DIP V. HUMMUS V. It was loud and crowded during the game but that's what we were looking for.Menu: 3/5, Pizza, Pizza, Pizza. Since then I have been obsessed. Serving Size : 4 Bites. It took 15 minutes to get 2 sodas and 25 to get the drinks from the bar. The staff is friendly, energetic and attentive. We were so excited for this location to open up. Another perk is that you can do half and half. But we won't be going back any time soon. Mellow Mushroom. Our drinks have always been amazing there and our bartender/server was awesome. Pretzel bites for an appetizer and a pepperoni pizza. BUT *I* say the secret is the molasses that feeds the yeast. The menu also includes salads, wings and non-pizza appetizers. They took both back. As having been a bartender, I tip well and usually have patience with wait staff. I was not too fond of the mushroom appetizer but still ate it. This reeks of poor management as would be indicated by the rude man who gladly took my $$ without checking that my meal was correct. Log Food. Eventually, another server helped us. Tonight's ratings:5/5 food5/5 environment4/5 service, I promise that next time I'll order something else, but the Holy Shitake Pie is incredible!Pretzel Bites and cheese bread are good and the beer cheese sauce is amazing! It happened once and I thought it wasn't a big deal but it happened again. 28 % 8g Fat. Pizza was fresh and cheese was hot and stringy :) we ordered the House special! Needless to say we were not happy. Waitress told us the wait for pizza once ordered was 25-30 minutes, understandable considering the crowd, however; it took 45 minutes for it to arrive at the table. Cholesterol 280g. A couple friends and I decided to check this place out a couple weekends ago. Garlic bread had same problem as croutons they were all soggy and had no flavor Pretzel Bites - our server highly recommended these. Big mistake. I left (after washing my hands) and saw the kid busing a table. Quantity order. The first member of the kitchen staff didn't understand so he brought by another person to take our request. and then the naked wings ARE LEGIT MY FAVORITE, (get the sweet chili sauce with it!) How do you screw up pizza? Host wasn't too friendly, seemed more interested in stopping to talk with a friend of his while taking us to our table. Why is there no quality control in the kitchen? From start to finish, it took almost 1.75 hours to order, eat, and get the check (which was also wrong). When we arrived, we were seating quickly, although it took a considerable amount of time to get a server. 890 Calories. It did work really well on the Funky Q. I would like to say that maybe this location just had a rough night but this is the second time we have gotten a pizza from them that was not good. How does this food fit into your daily goals? Make sure to ask for Ervin at the bar. Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. I really really like whatever dough they used for their pretzels. I relayed some of the issues we'd had, like the incorrect order. I've never had a bad experience here. Brownie was gooey, not smothered with to much chocolate sauce, and vanilla ice cream was delicious. We said we had not seen our new server and asked if she knew who it would be. The pizza, was more of a wheat crust or at least it seemed that it was wheat. From the outside, it looks like a fun place to eat with kids, but on the inside, it's the restaurant from hell. After some time had passed, we spotted our original server and flagged her down. We arrived at 7:15, waited 45 minutes to be seated. The bites were average but the cheese sauce spiced it up. Fat 59g. Best mellow mushroom I've ever been to! And maybe the brownie sundae too. Pros: -free pretzel bites if you check-in, which are a very serious portion--might fill you up! Chicken pizza, and a small half- Cheese and half- Great White pizza. It was kinda dry and bland even with the garlic/cheese(?) We didn't end up ordering the pizza because no one around us was satisfied and it even looked terrible. Just as we were  leaving, the manager came over and said "If you guys had a good time, I hope you'll leave us a positive yelp review". Fat 59g. Where We're Eating, Where We're Drinking, Tastemakers Meetups Charlotte Park August 17, 2018. We ordered two appetizers, spinach dip and pretzel bites. Was going to actually go to locatellis but I realized they were closed on Mondays and after searching for a different place I found this place. We tried Mellow Mushroom for dinner and liked our experience. 20 / 300g left. Ok, well at least he's not handling food. The pizza is so bit and the fresh ingredients make everything more flavorful! I first dined here with my fiancé a few months back and we had a decent experience. It's uncanny. You'd need to walk 248 minutes to burn 890 calories. Free Pretzel Bites With Purchase When You Sign Up For The Mellow Mushroom EClub. Quality definitely needs to improve as well as attentiveness. 8 / 67g left. We also had the pretzel bites the beer cheese is yummy, also tried the Caesar salad which was very good. We kept it simple. Our waiter was great, food baked to perfection and only waited a few minutes to be seated!! 260 Cal. WeOrdered pretzel bites which turned out to be discarded whole wheat pizza dough knobs and ends with a little coarse salt tossed over them. Serving Size : 4 Bites. House and Caesar salad are good and fresh. I'm sorry to say we probably will not be going back any time soon. She said she would check on it and would also bring hot sauce for the now cold Funky Q. Dry, overcooked and just overall bad. My wife ordered ham, pineapple, and artichoke hearts. We each had a slice and left the rest behind. Menu may not be up to date. They have repeatedly gotten my order wrong on numerous occasions. The hot sauce never made its way to the table. She was the only thing that kept us from just walking out. The Kosmic Karma pizza took a while to get to the table, but when it arrived it was good as well. Mellow Mushroom: Good Pizza and "Pretzel"Bites - See 315 traveler reviews, 41 candid photos, and great deals for Charlottesville, VA, at Tripadvisor.

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