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Most literary magazines don't take work that falls into popular genre categories like: Genre writing is better suited to genre magazines. Sometimes it is a very long window. What story length does the magazine accept? If you write short fiction, submitting to literary magazines is a great way to find an audience. Hope Clark, and author, “We all need a good kick in the pants once in a while!” —Beck Gambill, writer, “Joe Bunting presents a well-organized, thoughtful guide filled with tips that all writers will find useful.” —Elizabeth S. Craig, bestselling author, Mystery Writing is Murder, “If I were alive, I would read this book.” —Ernest Hemingway, author, “Makes me want to start a new story right now!” —C. You wouldn't want to waste an editor's time reviewing a piece they can't publish. Simultaneous or exclusive submission9. Kristen Kieffer is a fantasy fiction writer and the author of Build Your Best Writing Life. While this isn’t a complete list of all 4,800 literary magazines, it is a good place to get started with your research. You'll have better luck submitting your sci-fi short to Asimov's than AGNI. Finances are an important factor for writers. They’re strange beasts: beautiful, varied and often painfully short-lived. Electronic submissions are convenient in that you won't need physical materials. Anita Trimbur is a graduate from the University of Pittsburgh where she received a BA in fiction writing. Many publications affiliated with academic institutions will not read during the summer months. * Read the blog. The preference of medium is author dependent. If you are unwilling or unable to pay fees, consider magazines who read for free. In the digital age, most journals take electronic submissions. Markets that offer professional compensation often publish infrequently and accept few submissions. Postal or electronic submission, 7. Does One Story accept simultaneous submissions? Other magazines look for longer works. They accept literary fiction only and are not open to genre fiction (i.e. Submitting simultaneously means sending the same piece of writing to several magazines. Get your copy and find out how to start your creative writing career today. Print or digital12. —C. There is a longstanding bias in the literary community that favors print publications. This year Ambit Magazine are delighted that Fred D’Aguiaris to be the judge of the annual Ambit Poetry Competition. Help us to shine a light on greater diverse writing and keep LampLight a showcase of the best dark fiction out there by submitting and encouraging others to as well. It’s become the first resource I recommend to aspiring fiction writers.” —Keith Jennings, author & artist. Genre fiction submissions are welcome, particularly speculative fiction. It may be important to you how long magazines take to respond. When unspecified, assume magazines are looking for a document in standard manuscript format. Reading fees8. Despite the literary merit of a submission, a magazine will still reject it if it isn't a stylistic match. The fastest markets may take a few days or less. S. Lakin, author, writing coach,, “Joe’s book is both a manifesto and manual for cultivating a solid body of work. If the magazines below don’t fit your particular writing style, check out The previous two categories determine whether your work is a good fit for a magazine. Let's say a publication accepts your submission. Subscribe to receive new articles in your inbox. Literary magazines. These are only a few stylistic dimensions that editors may consider. Writers are in for a treat! Some magazines publish experimental writing. The New Yorker is a notable example of an unresponsive magazine. How many people does a publisher reach? Let's say a publication accepts your submission. It might be important for you to hold your published work in your hands. But with thousands of magazines to choose from, submissions might feel intimidating. Take advantage of this free content. We consider works from all around the world, with only one condition: texts must be written in english. 25 Literary Magazines You Can Submit to Without a Reading Fee. * Discover my upcoming novels. Some literary magazines like Conjunctions make the same request. The slowest markets can take a year or more to hear back from. Exclusive submissions can reduce the opportunity for acceptance. Some paying markets may only offer token payments. Although photography is her primary line of work, writing will always remain part of her professional life. We offer a warm and welcoming stage for emerging writers and visual artists. If you write science fiction, fantasy, horror, or crime, you can find new anthologies and open submission announcements at Horror Tree. How do you find the right for your story? In the previous category, we touched on response time. Some magazines avoid the confusion of simultaneous submissions by asking for exclusive consideration. Print journals will often make some selections available for non-subscribers to read. These next categories determine whether a magazine is a good fit for you. There was an error submitting your subscription. Find her raving about books on Twitter @anitatrimbur. If they publish online, how many monthly page-views do they have? Why might prestige matter to you? See if editors list an estimated response time on their website. An "about" or "submissions" page may offer a blurb about stylistic preferences. You may notice a magazine taking much longer than promised to respond. Be sure to check for editors' preferences beforehand. One way to measure prestige is through readership. To receive a response, submitters include a SASE. Other magazines favor a traditional narrative approach. Literary magazines always cite their non-negotiables. Many digital publications are free-to-read online. We do not accept poetry or novel extracts at this time. If they publish print copies, how many people order an issue? Otherwise, you might consider magazines that allow electronic submissions. Have you ever wanted to publish a short story in a literary magazine but didn’t know where to start. Short fiction submissions are not intended to be reliable income potential.

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