is coconut oil good for you

If you follow an unhealthy diet and don’t exercise, a high intake of coconut oil won’t do you any good. Here are 13 human studies on coconut oil and its health effects. Despite some promising evidence, research is still limited and some researchers question coconut oil’s weight loss benefits (17). The Kitavans ate up to 17% of calories as saturated fat, mostly from coconuts. But even if the coconut oil you are using is extra-virgin, “the saturated fat effects outweigh any beneficial effects of the antioxidants,” he said. In the past, populations of indigenous people who got a large percentage of their calorie intake from coconuts were much healthier than many people in Western society. By clicking Subscribe, I agree to the WebMD, Smart Grocery Shopping When You Have Diabetes, Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Dogs and Cats, Coronavirus in Context: Interviews With Experts. Here is more information about the potential health benefits of coconut oil: Lauric acid is a type of saturated fat found in coconut oil, and in fact, this oil contains the highest levels of lauric acid in a natural source. Is coconut oil good for you, or is coconut oil bad for you? Coconut oil has been found to increase levels of HDL cholesterol, also known as “good cholesterol,” in some women, while lowering the bad type, LDL cholesterol. Healthline Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. In addition, coconut oil can decrease protein loss in your hair, improving your hair health. Coconut oil has gained popularity in the last several years across the globe. 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This is a detailed article about coconut oil and its health benefits. If coconut fat is unhealthy, you would expect to see some health problems in populations that eat a lot of it. More research is needed to fully link consuming coconut oil to better cognitive function. Coconut oil was demonized in the past because it is high in saturated fat. It is interesting to note that they relied on coconuts, coconut flesh and coconut cream — not the processed coconut oil you buy in supermarkets today. Find out which options are healthy and why. Just keep in mind that the good health of these indigenous Pacific populations reflected their healthy lifestyle, not necessarily their high coconut intake. Even though some studies have shown that coconut oil can boost good cholesterol and lower the bad, other studies have shown that compared to other oils like olive oil, coconut oil raised harmful LDL cholesterol levels. These benefits have been attributed to its high content of lauric acid, a unique saturated fat that is otherwise rare in food. Coconut oil is a tropical fat that is claimed to have various benefits for health. Another controlled study in 15 women found that virgin coconut oil reduced appetite compared to extra-virgin olive oil, when added to a mixed breakfast (14). Coconut oil has many nutrients that can contribute to your health and to a good diet. Coconut oil is exceptionally rich in lauric acid, a rare saturated fat that seems to improve the composition of blood lipids. While often considered medium-chain, it is digested and metabolized differently from the true medium-chain fatty acids and has more in common with the long-chain fatty acids (4, 5, 6). Is coconut oil an artery-clogging junk food or a perfectly healthy cooking oil? Lauric acid is an intermediate between the long-chain and medium-chain fatty acids. For this reason, it is very suitable for high-heat cooking methods like frying (2). This makes coconut oil highly resistant to oxidation at high heat. Here are some other potential health risks of coconut oil: Increased Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke. But new studies suggest saturated fat is not as unhealthy as previously believed. Taken in moderation and used as a topical agent for moisturizing, coconut oil can provide many benefits. This article explains everything you need to know about coconut oil and hair: why you might want to try it, how to use it and more. However, coconut oil is not suitable for this purpose as it has a relatively poor ketogenic effect (3, 4). Still, there are a few potential health risks to be aware of, including the amount of saturated fat the oil contains. All rights reserved. Coconut Oil for Your Hair: Benefits, Uses and Tips, Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is the Healthiest Fat on Earth. Both of these populations appeared to have no traces of heart disease despite the high saturated fat intake and were overall in exceptional health (18, 19). But new studies actually suggest that it has several health benefits, and is a very good oil for cooking at high heat. The next chapter provides a detailed discussion of lauric acid. Studies show that lauric acid increases the blood levels of cholesterol, but this is mostly due to an increase in cholesterol bound to high-density lipoproteins (HDL) (7, 8). You might know that coconut oil is good for you, but you may not know how much to take or how to eat it. Eating coconut oil makes it easy to accidentally pack in an overload of saturated fat in your diet. However, the chemicals found in the oil, particularly ketones, have been associated with reducing Alzheimer’s disease symptoms by providing other energy sources for damaged brain cells.Â. This article takes a close look at the old proverb and…. How Long Does Coronavirus Live On Surfaces? Here's what the science says. There are two main types of coconut oil, copra oil and virgin coconut oil. Coconut oil has many nutrients that can contribute to your health and to a good diet. Its tasty flavor and adaptable properties make it the perfect ingredient to add to many different products.Â. WebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. This article looks at the evidence. People mostly use coconut oil for cooking, particularly for high-heat cooking methods, such as stir-fry, popping popcorn, or making baked goods. It has a wide range of uses, from hair products to foods to sunscreen to deodorant. People often consider deep-fried foods unhealthy, but it depends partially on the type of oil used. Too much saturated fat can lead to high cholesterol, increasing risks of heart disease and stroke. However, there is yet no evidence that it affects hard endpoints like heart attacks or strokes. Nevertheless, these observational studies indicate that people can stay healthy on a diet high in saturated fat from coconuts (18, 19). The Tokelauans, for example, got more than 50% of their calories from coconuts and were the biggest consumers of saturated fat in the world.

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