how to let the holy spirit lead you

Thank you so much for this topic. Thank you God! Biblical Villains – How Can They Teach Us To Be Better Christians? And I can say He has made it for my good! This was in Jan 2017. He will lead us safely home. I was confused when hearing the holy spirit daily. 2. This happened to me…as I’m typing this, I’m tearing up already. the Spirit is credited with empowering miraculous works of faith. It was a struggle to come out, but because God knows my repented heart, and because I continued to seek Him, He pulled me out of that pit and redeemed me. 3. God speaks to us today through his word, the Bible. This teaching was very helpful. “They were forbidden by the Holy Spirit to preach the word in Asia.” One time, I literally feel the Holy Spirit leave.. Oh… You don’t want to know that feeling.. Another important part of hearing the Spirit of God is spending time in prayer, asking God to make His will for your life clear to you. Let the Holy Spirit guide; Let him teach us what is true. Giving you all the Glory! But since He did, this tells me that He wants His people to have access to this revelation and from there, they can then decide if they want to try and develop this part of their walk with the Lord. Let the Holy Spirit guard; Let his whisper govern choice. Any tips? Put these two verses together with the first two verses above about having direct fellowship and direct communion with the Holy Spirit, and you can tell that God is letting all of us know loud and clear that we can enter into this supernatural realm with the Holy Spirit. I know then I become a human with power, I become like a magician. Put those two key words together and they spell one thing – personal relationship. Granted, this is a possibility, but just because demons can attempt to counterfeit what God does, does not mean you have to throw out all of the supernatural ways that God will use to communicate to His people. If you need guidance fast, you can get into tune with your conscience faster if you pray and fast (Galatians 5:17). My best guess on why most pastors do not attempt to educate their flocks on how the Holy Spirit will lead us and communicate to us in this life is either because they themselves do not have a full understanding on this subject matter, or they are too afraid to open up this subject matter to their flocks for fear that it will open up a door to the spiritual realm, and from there, they could possibly make contact with demonic spirits who will try to masquerade as the Holy Spirit or God Himself. Thank you for writing this article. This is why the Holy Spirit is called “The Helper” in the Bible. I get afraid of this great power and of those most beautiful songs and music which then appears to me. Thank You. the fruits of Jesus were pure- yet, that did not make his reception welcome. In my heart I believe very much in wonders. Let the Spirit lead you every moment through all of your thoughts, attitudes and actions. And that is not a place you want to be in with the Lord. How do I heal my conscience? The Holy Spirit spoke to me 1John 4:1. powerful article with powerful massage.have really enjoyed reading this are bring people closer to God through sharing such type of share this articleas well with my brothers and sisters in my community because there are a lot who are living in darkness.thank you. I know God is the sun, the water, the Universe but somehow, when that power wants to come to me I get scared. Let the Spirit heal our hearts. Otherwise, there would be nothing to quench. 1. You should follow Him first before expecting your prayers being met. I ask him to actually speak to me, but he won't. Paul looked straight at the Sanhedrin and said, "My brothers, I have fulfilled my duty to God in all good conscience to this day. How to Let the Holy Spirit Lead Your Life • Home to a Haven These two verses will now set the stage for the next two verses. The Holy Spirit will lead you… and as it develops, you may use Jesus as the reed by which to measure that relationship growing- the Spirit will not contradict Jesus, but share everything of Christ directly. This is the major way he uses, and sometimes he uses humans too. ",, consider supporting our work with a contribution to wikiHow. Same thing with the other three key words – resisting, rebelling, and grieving. In the powers of nature, but in this outside world a mindset of unbelief is ruling. I immediately went to that scripture. I become sooo full of life and creativity that it doesn´t fit to the people around me. On my knees before the great multitude of heavenly witnesses, I offer myself soul and body to Thee, Eternal Spirit of God. The new people he has put in my life that also understand this realm it amazing! I am awesomly blessed with this. Remember Simon Magus from the Book of Acts. As a result, I believe these verses should be taught by the churches so their people will at least know what the Bible has to say about this subject matter, and from there, each person can then make up their own mind as to whether or not they want to tread into these kinds of deeper waters with the Lord. Only a Spirit led conscience remains balanced. Reading, studying and community with others in faith is your path. Which communes with the Father & The Son Christ Jesus. God sends a river of grace and from it flow streams of mercy, all for the people of God. Guidance through our conscience is the most reliable way of being led, and not by feelings, visions, or even dreams. I thought I was confused and sick as a schizophrenia. Hi Mr. Noah. God bless you. Turn to the Holy Spirit. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. If we listen to his voice. (Read Ephesians 1:13-14) The Holy Spirit Who lives within us wants to transform us into mature Christians. Thank so much for helping me to give my life back to the Spirit. i was to go out and find out about the holy spirit even though is was talking and moving me at times, and i had no control. Only a Spirit led conscience remains balanced. pastor steve, peace be with you. It makes me feel special. Maybe I have to work very hard and it is not a cheap thing to enter and to then achieve the promised land. Practice thinking that affirms and supports you. Bottom line with these first three captions – the Bible is telling all of us very clearly that not only do we have the Holy Spirit living on the inside of us as a result of accepting Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior, but these verses are also giving us additional information that the Holy Spirit has a specific ministry with all of us – and that specific ministry is to guide us, lead us, and teach us in this life. You can ask for help with specific issues or just ask Him to give you strength in your everyday life. And if the Holy Spirit has the job of guiding us and teaching us in this life, then this means He is going to try and supernaturally communicate to all of us from time to time. Study the bible as often as you can and try to incorporate God’s wisdom into your life. In other words, they look at this subject matter as being a kind of pandora’s box. If God did not want this kind of information and knowledge in our lives, then He would have never put these kinds of verses in the Bible.

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