good burritos near me

The burritos are just as fresh and flavor-packed as the rest of the stuff coming out of the kitchen. The place is known for putting tater tots inside its breakfast burritos, but don’t sleep on the all-day stuff, like the 36-hour marinated steak Korean BBQ burrito. Choosing a favorite burrito in Tucson is like choosing a favorite child — if you had 300 children. Example: “Mexican restaurants near me” or “open Mexican restaurants near me” If you are looking for Mexican places with burritos in different towns, you can also search for that. Jeff: Great sushi burritos and kimchi fries. Welcome to Mi Burrito Mexican Grill! We look forward to seeing you soon! We are located at 11321 183rd Street, Cerritos, CA 90703. After racking up several hundred dollars in burrito tabs, here’s the list of nine of the best burritos … Our phone number is 562-387-1818. Mat Burnett: The Fire Sushi Burrito clasped me to its spicy bosom and I was lost in a delicious dream. Just type what you would … Teresa: The sushi burritos are delicious and super filling.

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Phone: 469.812.7140

North Texas, USA