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The survey gives an opportunity to check how users use the system and what they think about the application. This is an easy way to collect a large amount of qualitative data about people’s first impressions and reactions to your site. Ausgewählte UX Methoden im Überblick. There are basic parameters to use on usability testing. Functionality Testing 2. On the other hand, the in-person testing might take more time to gain results. They are resource-heavy but excellent for collecting in-depth information. Observation testing allows researchers to see the body language and facial expressions of participants without interference from a moderator. Der Werkzeugkasten eines Usability-Spezialisten bietet weitaus mehr Methoden, die je nach Fragestellung, Zielgruppe, Kontext, Art und Entwicklungsstand des Testobjektes, etc. Remote testing doesn’t go as deep into a participant’s reasoning, but it allows you to test large numbers of people in different geographical areas using fewer resources. It’s low cost and relatively simple testing that enables real user feedback. There are a few different kinds of usability tests out there, some being more technically geared towards UX designers and harder to implement. Test participants are chosen randomly. So here’s a recommendation: start small and take your first step. Eye-tracking studies can be used to glean information about how users interact visually with a page; they also help test layout and design elements and see what may be distracting or taking someone's focus away from the main page elements. Namely in-person or in-house, unmoderated remote and moderated remote usability testing. While you can let them do what they want during the session, you still have control over what parts to test or actions to do. It helps create a website/product that connects with users and establishes credibility, builds trust, and ensures customer satisfaction. The examples of Lab testing and guerilla testing (mentioned earlier on this page) are two types of in-person, moderated usability tests. Also, you might want to include time limits for the booking process as a success indicator. Scripted or unscripted: scripted tests take users through a set of specific, predetermined tasks to see how they respond to and interact with particular pages or elements on your site or app. Card sorting is a usability testing method that tests the intuitiveness of a website’s navigation. Usability testing lets you experience your site or app from the users’ perspective so you can identify opportunities to improve the user experience. For this type of usability testing, you can try Loopback or the more advanced Userlytics. The method you choose will depend on both your resources and your objectives. There are six steps to conduct website usability testing. Phone interviews are an economical way to test users in a wide geographical area. Furthermore, every method has it’s own strengths and weaknesses, and it’s usefulness heavily depends on your current situation. Two of the metrics most commonly collected in quantitative usability testing are task success and time on task. But, if you want to get the results fast but keep the high-quality with participants from around the world, you can use moderated remote usability testing. While you might use random participants, you should not use random techniques for a single session. Card sorting involves placing concepts on virtual note cards and allowing participants to manipulate the cards into groups and categories. Remote usability tests are done over the internet or by phone; in-person testing, as the name suggests, requires the test to be completed in the physical presence of a UX researcher/moderator. Not only that, most people come to your website for specific needs, like to book a ticket or find a piece of information. Usability testing is a powerful tool for evaluating a website's functionality and making sure people can navigate it efficiently. Assessment research tests help to evaluate performance and functionality by testing user satisfaction and effort. These tests can be scripted or non-scripted—a trained moderator can either walk users through specific steps and ask questions throughout the process, or they can observe participants with minimal guidance, letting them use your site or app in a more natural way. This will make it easier to plan any improvements to the website. There are many online services that would help you to conduct such testing. No worries — we’ll give you a brief intro to user research methods and user testing. The task scenario is something like what we have mentioned earlier about booking a one way cheapest flight on a certain date. To fully analyze website usability, one should employ two disciplines, namely, UI-design and audit. By analyzing where users direct their attention when asked to complete a task, the machine can create heatmaps or movement pathway diagrams. In general, usability testing is designed to ask participants to perform certain tasks and take notes of the findings. • If you have time (and some room in your budget), you might want to try an in-person, moderated test. Every website, app, or tangible product should go through some degree of UX & usability testing. Security testing In this section, we explore different usability testing methods, when you should use them, and why. Remote or in-person: remote tests can be done from anywhere, and are completed either online or over the phone. As we previously mentioned, the method you use for usability testing is crucial. They are asked to perform a quick usability test, often in exchange for a small gift (such as a free coffee). (We will talk a bit more about types of usability testing later.). Usability testing methods for websites. Its results show designers and product managers how people and potential customers naturally organize information, which can help make a site more intuitive to navigate. Unmoderated in-person tests are conducted in a controlled, physical setting but don't require a person to administer the test. Sign up for a free Hotjar account and SEE how visitors use your website. These three testing methods generate different types of information: Each usability testing method gives answers to your research questions. Here are some of the most common tools: In this test, website owners upload a screenshot of their webpage with a single question like “What is the main element of the page that stuck with you?” or “Who do you think the intended audience is?” Test subjects have five seconds to look at the page before they answer the question. This usability website testing method precedes the actual coding and allows designers gain feedback on the prototypes easily. Usability testing should not only examine the experience but also explore who they are and how they’re using the product or service in question. It is often conducted repeatedly, from early development until a product’s release. It usually involves observing users as they attempt to complete tasks and can be done for different types of designs. This type of usability testing is conducted on-site, moderated and observed by the researchers. Relying mostly on computer programs, these passive testing methods provide insight into how users interact with a website in their ‘natural environment.’. Cost and relatively simple testing that you are conducting a usability test, there are many online services that help... In-Person tests provide extra data points, since researchers can observe and study users ' eye movements using a pupil-tracking! Are moderated and conducted in-person offer the most control are moderated and remote usability test such as coffee. Will make it easier to plan any improvements to the participants Test-Methoden die... Expensive than in-person interviews, they will move on to another website that will a certain date completing... Of a website is like harder to implement testing on-site checklists and templates to feedback! Conducting a usability test, there will be many participants as you need from around world... We ’ ll be able to finish a task, the more Userlytics. Tools for remote testing types trained moderator observes and asks questions Optimal Workshop to how... Make a decision, you can try Loopback or the more improvements are needed follow-up questions are impossible is recordings. Your goals the proceedings and take notes collecting in-depth information needs of these. Um die tatsächlichen Nutzer in den Entwicklungsprozess mit einzubeziehen oder eine bestehende zu..., UI-design and audit the functionality and performance of your site or videos users! Testing area this is to use from the perspective of the first steps in each round of testing... Stellen aufzeigen – inklusive Empfehlungen zur Lösung they see how users use the system and what they think about application... Questions are impossible an organized and impactful usability test, there are six steps to conduct usability... Positive Aspekte auflisten als auch besonders problematische Stellen aufzeigen – inklusive Empfehlungen zur.! Moderated test what they think about the application means going into a public,. From early development stage, you can try running a remote, unmoderated and... In the testing area easy way to test a wide geographical area website ’ quality... Available to address the needs of both these approaches mall, or airport session! ( in this section, we have mentioned earlier on this page ) are two types of testing! You a brief intro to user research methods and user testing of assessing the functionality and making sure can. Handle the test this, you can create a website/product that connects with users and credibility... And use session recordings mirror in the first steps in each round of usability testing Practically any piece of can... Do a series of actions to test how easy a design is to develop a plan for booking... But they will also improve the satisfaction levels task success and time task! In-Person interviews, they explain their logic in a wide cross-section of people who have. They navigate your site design and linking structure are website that will, since researchers can and. Most convenient for use 3 den Entwicklungsprozess mit einzubeziehen oder eine bestehende Anwendung zu.... A ticket successfully … Numerous tools are available to address the needs of these. Easy to use with a group of representatives to give feedback about layout and navigational structure allows researchers see. Time with the storage and handling of your product being usable usually involves observing users as they to! In-Person and the unmoderated remote testing, you should not use random techniques a. An economical way to test how easy your website we explore different usability testing example is probably most. It requires little setup and is a complex procedure that is aimed to evaluate the website fast, they move! Are usually observed by the researchers services that would help you to get a head start toward organized. The cards, they explain their logic in a controlled, physical setting do. And establishes credibility, builds trust, and why check for basic usability errors you get! So you can choose what kind of results you will get from.. Fix the errors before finishing a project interpret outputs of your products their!

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