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It’s definitely something that we were looking at, which especially on a Fender bass, can be problematic. EJ – I look at it this way. Fender American Professional Precision Bass review A new twist on a classic £1,509; €1,599; By Kev Sanders 12 February 2018. JN – Absolutely. TB – I know you guys spent a lot of time working on the neck profiles for each of the models, and I wondered if you could give us a little insight into the target for each profile? We sort of look at it as, “If we don’t do it, who’s going to?” And it’s not to say that there aren’t other brands that are doing a great job, but we’re in a unique position because we have such a broad diversity within our line, and because we have this authentic relationship with artists – which we don’t take for granted – we really want to push the story telling and we really want to push the overall community engagement and involvement. JN – Yeah, and on the product side, it’s hard to believe, but in the 70 or so years of Fender, Andy is one of only a few CEO’s that were players. This is the first time on a production-level instrument that we’ve been using bone nuts. People love those, but it’s very hard to make those in a way that you can retain the stability, with the amount of tension that those necks can be under. According to Andy Mooney, my job, essentially, is to head up all the marketing functions for the brand, globally. But what always interests me are the stories behind the story. Fender chose this option after play-testing numerous fret setups, and they tout the ease of bending notes as one selling point. For example, if you’re going to try and define what the Fender brand “voice” is, in reality, it’s just the sum total voice of all the artists who use our products. The best startups know who their target audience is. You guys are doing a great job on that front, too. Then, you couple that with his own personal passion for guitar, and the fact that he has over 50 Fenders of his own that he’s been collecting over the years; he’s a real committed player. Instead of the normal “hour-glass” shaped tuning shafts – which naturally force the string windings to the middle of the shaft – the fluted shape means that the strings are forced down against the headstock, creating more downward force on the strings at the nut (offering better sustain and less chance of string rattle). There’s always the possibility that things will cascade into other models, but for right now, they’re brand new and only available on the American Professional. It ended up a little different on the basses than it did on the guitars, and it kind of went against our natural hypothesis. Cons Getting a little expensive for an everyman bass. It really sounds great. What does Andy bring to the Fender mix, to put his unique stamp on things? TB – The one feature I was thinking about which offers a slight, but clear, advantage are the fluted tuners. Shares. JN – The main ones – the J and the P –, we felt like this series is supposed to be the “center of gravity” of the Fender line. EJ – Thank you, that’s good to hear. The way consumers work today, you have to prove it. TB – What nut material were you using on the American Standard basses? The Rumble series is fantastic and the Super Bassman is one of the best all-tube heads on the market right now. Then eventually, we begin to see an amalgamation, where all these small improvements all added together could be very complimentary and improve some of our core families of instruments. The new V-Mod single-coil employs two different magnet materials in the poles. Once you have them in hand, perhaps the next most obvious change involves the neck shape. So simple, and so smart! The energy and excitement and product knowledge is much more similar to what I would expect from an up-and-coming brand, as opposed to the biggest name in the business. So we don’t take any of our consumers for granted, we don’t take any of the experiences for granted, and we don’t assume that just because we launch a new line, everybody’s going to high-five and adopt it. For us, it’s really been trying to hone in on who our consumer is. JN – Over the next year or so, we’ll see how people react, and obviously if there’s something that is of great benefit, like the fluted poles, it could be incorporated into different styles of tuners. The new Posiflex™ graphite rods in the neck actually work harder to keep the neck straight when there is more force trying to make them do otherwise. American Professional II Precision Bass The American Professional II Precision Bass® draws from more than sixty years of innovation, inspiration and evolution to meet the... View full product details . I think for us, it’s really just trying to figure out how do we get the consumer what they want. He joined the company when it was $500 million, left when it was $8 to $10 billion. And those are things that maybe thirty or forty years ago were not at the front of our mind – making sure that what we’re doing works for all types of musical expression. The Fender American Professional Series Precision Bass continues the legacy of one of the world's most iconic electric basses with a full complement of new Fender American Professional Series Precision Bass for sale on Reverb. I like what Evan said about being a 70-year-old startup company. Especially with the P and J pickups, it’s really just kind of been the right instrument at the right time. That way, you’re able to get that small, fast, fleet-fingered shape, but retain the stability that you want in a Jazz Bass. TB – I don’t recall hearing that associated with Fender before. I recommend it to tons of people who still want to go all-tube. On the G and D string, we went with the alnico 5’s, which should “up” the punch, and snap and clarity a little. To understand the significance of the American Pro line, I’m going to take you back to the 2016 Winter NAMM Show, when our friends at Fender were showing us the new Elite series (which replaced the USA Deluxe line). Subtle improvements keep the Fender Precision as relevant as ever. This new attitude definitely starts at the top. But this is a pretty elegant solution. The Offset, a little more stripped-down, but still powerful, offering a product at around $500. For instance, in 1963, the ’63 P-bass was just the P-bass of that year, and the American Professional is kind of today’s version of that instrument. Editor-in-Chief, Tom Bowlus, surprised his parents by riding home from grade school on his 10-speed with an upright bass. Ibanez SRMD200 Mezzo & AFR4FMP Affirma Bass Guitar... 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