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After leaving college, she went on to become a professional bodybuilder and fitness model. After spending a great career, she retired from competitive fitness recently in 2017. Women’s physique is different from men. Common started her career with personal interest because she was impressed by female bodybuilders. She is the only competitor never to have lost a contest at Ms. Olympia. As a student in Marymount Manhattan College, Portugues was inspired to pursue bodybuilding when she watched Rachel McLish win Ms. Olympia title on television. Fuller made her debut at the 1988 Novice Oregon and won the contest. She is currently a fitness model, personal trainer and entrepreneur. Aside from active competition, Wendy is currently a fitness coach and personal trainer in British Columbia. Jennifer Rish is a hard-working bodybuilder who spends most of her time in the gym making her more perfect and professional. She is also the first woman to be presented the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2007 Arnold Classic. One of the leading fitness models today, Erica Cordie grew up in Sturgis, North Dakota. Later her passion became her profession. Her professional career included 9th and 13th place in Ms. Olympia in 1992 and 1993 respectively. Her father ran a coil-winding machinery company while her mother worked part-time for her dad while being also a full-time mommy to her and her three brothers and two sisters. That same year, she placed 7th in the 2008 NPC California State Bodybuilding and Figure championships. As she grew older, she was into kickboxing and weight training. These achievements she made possible at a young age. She also enjoys going to the bars to arm wrestle with the boys and she usually gets her way with them. While attending Gresham High School, Nikki competed in track and field and would later help the school’s team win the water polo state championship prior to her graduation. Some of the women bodybuilders are really impressive and popular around the world. Backman portrayed “Spirit” in the show called Gladiatorerna in the Swedish TV4. Cory Everson is an American professional female bodybuilder who is also an actress. She is one of the top ten most beautiful and attractive female bodybuilders in the world in the current era. In the modern era of science and technology, there is a lot of progress in every field of life including bodybuilding. After bodybuilding she landed roles in TV shows like Nikki and Ally McBeal. The following year, Nordin placed 8th in the Colorado Pro/Am Classic Bodybuilding and Figure Contest. Erica Cordie is an American professional female bodybuilder. Women’s physique is different from men. The following year, she finally earned her spot at Ms. Olympia and finished in 7th place. The 62-year-old fitness model is considered one of the most attractive and impressive bodybuilders in the world. Cordie is an Instagram influencer who has thousands of Instagram followers. When she’s not working out or exercising, Erica loves to cosplay and her favorite is the superhero Wonder Woman. Grishina was born in Kaliningrad, Russia in 1978. Some of the women bodybuilders are really impressive and popular around the world. They are doing some of the toughest jobs and proving themselves the same stronger as a man. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. After asking for her release from the WWE, she married WWE star Bo Dallas or Taylor Rotunda in real life. Cory Everson is one of the greatest female bodybuilders in history. She is also a fitness expert and calendar girl. Rachel Cammon is an American professional female bodybuilder. Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Bodybuilders of All Time, Top 10 Richest Soccer Players in The World, Top 10 Most Popular Sports In The World – Reasons Explained, Top 10 Tallest Soccer Players In The World, Top 10 Richest Athletes In The World Right Now, Professional Bodybuilder, Fitness model, Real Estate Broker. She appeared in the cover of bodybuilding magazines such as ‘Strength Training for Beauty,’ ‘Flex,’ ‘Muscle & Fitness,’ and ‘Muscle Training.’ Likewise, she also graced the covers beauty and fashion magazines.

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