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r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. it can be picked up at most supermarkets. It works! Don't bother with freezing. Repeat until wart is dead and can be plucked out with tweezers (yes, removal will still hurt somewhat). it worked. I use to just cut them off or dig at them with my fingernail until you exposed the root and then you had to get that out. Press J to jump to the feed. Eventually, the only thing that got rid of it was duct tape for over a month. the "dual treatment" freezing and acid Compound W, wrapped in duct tape daily seem to help. Best, cheapest, most natural way to kill a wart. If nitrogen won't work there's a cancer injection that will send em' packing. Eventually, you'll notice that the wart will begin to turn black, this is a good thing. None of it worked. When I was a kid I had a few warts on my fingers. Did this 2 years ago and they haven't been back since. I've used the Dr.Scholls freeze in a can stuff twice with great success. cheap and easy solution, I had a few clusters of them on my foot. just a happenstance? The best treatment method for wart removal is determined, in part, by the type of wart you have. I have been plagued by these stupid fucking bumps for most of my teenage years, and it's come to the point where one of my fingers is covered in warts. This is painful and leaves scars but it is quick and works. Soak cotton balls with apple cider vinegar, break off a piece of soaked cotton, enough to cover the wart. Compound W or seeing a Doctor for the liquid nitrogen treatment. That's where I found out. Just tape a soaked cotton ball to the area over night for a few weeks. Keep going for a few more days after the majority of the wart falls off. Eventually, you'll notice that the wart will begin to turn black, this is a good thing. The wart should start to essentially decompose. I got drunk one night, got a lighter and just aimed flame at the wart until I could not take the pain any longer. When i was younger swimming in a lake for a week seemed to heal them also. However, i have experienced random things to heal it also. It made them go away! Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, As recommended by Up to Date which is basically a massive encyclopedia for doctors. duct tape or first aid tape. Tape around the wart in order to protect the surrounding skin. Soon you will notice that they are gone altogether and do not return. Wrap the covered wart with any sort of tape that will hold, e.g. You then remove the tape, soak the skin in warm water for 10 to 20 minutes, and use and emery board or pumice stone to gently slough off dead skin. The two home remedies which are recognized by the medical community* for treatment of warts are salicylic acid and duct tape. I will do what i have to, but I feel like there are better methods. Safely remove plantar … Archived. After a few days, I pick at it like hell until a chunk of it comes out. Cookies help us deliver our Services. It's messy, bloody and hurts if I'm daft about it, but I cant be arsed with creams! The Salicylic acid method works. You'll heal in a few days and i gaurantee you they'll be gone. Kit includes bandages, alcohol swaps, exfoliator, and vitamin cream. Some Germans I was traveling with years ago through the Northern Territory tried it, and it worked fast. Table of Contents. Go to doctor, get a prescription. Best wart remover product. I had mine for a good 6 years, and then one summer they just started to go away, and within about 1 month all traces of them were gone. Picture Name Features Rating (1-5) Price; Naturasil Dog Warts Treatment 15mL: Takes as little as two weeks Completely painless Easy to use All natural ingredients: 2 $ Dr. Scholl's Plantar Wart Removal System-24 ct. Great at removing warts Medicinal pads can be reshaped Fast working Easy to use: 2 $ Compound W Freeze Off Wart Remover … I had to wear flip-flops for months. I usually throw everything at it and see what sticks. Thanks a bunch, I'll be sure to try them! but it worked. Salicyclic acid treatment: If you decide to try salicylic acid treatment at home, you should first soak the area in warm water for 10 to 20 minutes (to soften the skin) and dry the skin completely. Its probably the same acid that is mentioned in the other comments, but I'm not certain. The laser felt like someone popping a rubber band on the bottom of my foot. Went to a dermatologist and had it frozen off, only to come right back. Not super fast, but less painful than the freezing method (which I had to do once, and damn was that painful), duct tape helps but was never successful for me after 6 months. I went to the doctor and they did the freezy stuff twice, and it hurt like a BITCH. Remove the cotton in the morning and repeat the process nightly for a few weeks. ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. went to a doctor, she said use duct tape, keep it constantly covered for a week. We have gone through all of them with a fine-toothed comb to find the best ones that are proven effective against warts. There are a number of professional and at-home remedies that are effective for wart removal. I've heard this is because of the vinegar or something. Cons . Compound W is one of the leaders in wart removal products. It just dried up and I peeled it off. Wart removal treatments are as varied as the types of warts they treat. So, my suggestion to you is to spend tree fiddy on a pumice stone, rub it gently over the wart(s) once every day, and you should be golden. Dude listen up, I had a few on my hand which got worse and worse over the years. Squaric Acid. I am currently trying the nail polish method, which as far as I know works on the same principle as duct tape. Best Wart Removal Products 2019. I;ve only ever had a couple of "skin tag" warts. This. You soak your warts each night, apply the cream, bandage, then remove in the morning. I'm certainly not telling you to pour hot oil on yourself, but if it's in a less sensitive spot on your hands, just spark up a lighter, heat up the metal and give yourself a slight burn. Dermatologist. Yes it hurts/stings but the acid is killing the wart entirely. Warts are unlikely to respond if you do not see any improvement within two weeks. hope that helps! Haven't tried this myself, but you can put duct tape over them and they will eventually go away. I'm willing to do anything to get rid of them. Once with plantars on my feet and a second time recently with a normal wart on my finger. Thats being an Atheist for ya. Problem; FAQ; Testimonials; Blog; Shipping; Contact; This is an image best wart remover. Had duct tape on it for months and it did nothing. all these other ideas cost way too much. He'll shave 'em then freeze 'em off with liquid nitrogen. Best wart removal products review; About. break off some chunks with a pick or hammer. Newest wart remover product around to help remove moles, warts from genital, face and other sensitive skin. why are they there, and how the fuck can I get them to go away?It's impairing my ability to attract women, and as a young man, I can't have any more of this nonsense! Having released a multitude of different formulations that come in a variety of forms, Compound W promises effective wart removal for …

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